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Our Founders –

1 ) Mr RK Behera, Chairman, RSB GROUP

2 ) Mr SK Behera, Vice Chairman & Mg. Director, RSB GROUP

RSB is a global engineering institution, founded In 1975 by two bubbling and enterprising young brothers, Mr RK Behera and Mr SK Behera, from Jamshedpur, hailing from a humble middle class background, with a passion and dedication to do something different, to traverse a path hitherto untraveled. They dreamt only realities. Their start-up venture had a very little finance of Rs 15,000/- borrowed from his father, but with lots of family support and human values imbibed by their parents.

Growing up in Jamshedpur in the midst of successful Tata industries and value system, the brothers were deeply influenced and inspired by the entrepreneurship of Tata and their ethical values to people, society and the environment. Their upbringing echoes in all that they have accomplished so far and all that they dreamt to create.

Journeying through rough terrain of volatile business swings, brothers withstood storms to accomplish what they dreamt. With initial seed capital of mere Rs 15,000 RSB today in a span of more than four decades, carved a niche in global arena. Presently, it has 13 manufacturing plants spread over 7 locations in India, namely Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), Pune (Maharashtra), Dharwad (Karnataka), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Pantnagar (Uttarakhand), Cuttack (Orissa) and Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh); and one each in Homer (USA), and Silao (Mexico). Now not only the brothers’ stand vindicated and delighted, the society at large also stands benefitted.

Serving with humility was in their DNA for Behera brothers, inherited from their father. They believed right from inception that true happiness comes when the good fortune is shared with those who are not as fortunate as we are. Therefore, they made CSR an essential fabric of business life with humble endeavor to think not just from heads, but also from the heart. They believed business of business is not about making money, but creating social values and do public good – an obligation beyond the requirement of law to persue long term business goals that are good and bring about positive impact to the society. Brothers served under-privileged of society in Education, Health Care, Sports, Environment Green Initiatives and Woman Empowerment with all humility and discreet silence. They decided to dedicate RSB Foundation in the service of society and humanity to raise to higher levels in the pursuit of their rich tradition.

About - RSB Foundation

RSB FOUNDATION, a company limited by Guarantee, is incorporated under Section 7 of Companies Act 2013, vide Incorporation Certificate dated 4th May 2013 issued by Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, to carry on social and charitable activities of undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility Activities (CSR) in various fields’ inter-alia promoting education, green initiatives, promoting health care including preventive health care, promoting gender equality, women empowerment, setting up shelter for orphans and old age homes, ensuring environmental protection and sustainability, ecological balance, protection of national heritage, promotion and development of traditional art and handicrafts, creating employment opportunities, promoting training programme for entrepreneurship and skill development, contributing in rural development projects and slum area development and creation of resource full society as a whole.


Priyanka Behera


Ms Priyanka Behera, is a qualified Lawyer by profession, graduated from National Institute Law University, Bhopal, and thereafter, travelled, on scholarship, overseas to complete Advanced Course on IPR at University of Washington, Seattle. She has also practiced in various courts. In 2014, she took over the reins as Head – CSR, RSB Transmissions (I) Ltd.

Ms Priyanka has been conferred with string of CSR Excellence Awards with wide print and electronic media coverage since 2015. She has authored articles for print media.

She is spear-heading CSR operations pan India plants of RSB Group, in areas of Education, Health Care, Digital Literacy, Service to under-privileged have-nots/orphaned Girls and Children, Blood Donation Camps for rural needy, Drinking Water facilities and servicing School in deep rural Jharkhand, Recreation Centre for old age people, promoting green initiative, etc.

She is an active member of CSR Panel of CII, part-taken in number of CII social initiatives and interacts with number of NGOs for providing social service to under-privileged and have-nots. She is patron of leading DAV Padmbati Public School at Mania, Cuttack, and actively involved in the school activities.

Nirmala Behera


Ms. Nirmala Behera, Executive Director – Group HR, RSB Transmissions (I) Ltd, is a graduate with Honors in Zoology and MBA in HR and Marketing, Executive Diploma in Human Resource Management from XLRI, Jamshedpur, with more than two decades of rich experience in HR She also headed quality system and IT .

She has to her credits umpteen laurels in HR Excellence from leading print media and won Most Popular Style Icon. Her interviews and authored articles have wide print and electronic media coverage. She is actively involved number of CII and other leading forums, active member of International Woman Network and has participated as industry expert in number of panel discussions.

She has a passion to serve society and under-privileged as a responsible corporate citizen.


where deeds are spoken in silence…

RSB believe that true happiness comes when the good fortune is shared with those who are not as fortunate as we are. Therefore, Group has made CSR an essential fabric of business life with humble endeavor to think not just from the heads, but also from the heart. We believe business of business is not about making money, but creating social values and do public good – an oblgiation beyond the requirement of law to persue long term business goals that are good and bring about positive impact to the society.

RSB believes in conducting business in ethical way and in the interests of wider community by responding positively to emerging social priorities and expectations, a forward approach to act ahead of the regularatory confrontation and balance at all times the interests of stakeholders. With a view of enhancing and enriching the lives of those around us, RSB has undertaken various efforts to bring about a positive difference in the lives of denizens by taking up several initiatives and thereby address the social needs RSBians make a positive difference by working aggressively in areas of community developlment. RSB has the earnest efforts to shape a brighter future by contributing in efforts to under-previledged in rural . While RSB believes in doing the work in action, but speak of deeds only in silence.

RSB pursues the triple imperatives of protecting the environment, socio-economic upliftment and sustainable developmental models for growth while respecting government initiatives and commitment to employees, community and stakeholders at large. RSB’s social responsibility philosophy is integral to its corporate strategy, and our employees are guided to internalize the values RSB’s approach to environmental challenges entails precautionary modeling of projects, initiatives to ensure greater environmental responsibility and utilization of environment friendly technologies.



RSB-F approach to CSR & Sustainability Strategy goes in a structured manner centrally from Corporate aligning with Vision/Mission values and statutes promulgated in amended Company’s Act which mandates us for sustainable CSR practices.

The structured path have PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) approach as an integral part to ensure every activity and project is measured in terms of output and effectiveness is gauged post-output in a specified time span to achieve the desired social impact.



RSBF CSR Policy Document, rolled out after approval from the Board of Directors, is uploaded in RSBF global website.

The social impact assessment has also been put in place in line with statutory requirements so as to touch the nucleus of CSR beneficiaries.



The monitoring and measurement at planned intervals is continual to check for gaps and timely actions are taken to ensure corrections are made with preventive measures to avoid any recurrence.


RSB bags CSR Excellence Award

India Suppliers Conference 2019 CSR Award

CSR Excellence award from the leading Times of India Group for the year 2017

Ms. Priyanka Behera Conferred with Most Impactful CSR Leader Award


Priyanka Behera



Prashant Dubey


Ashish Tiwari


Chetan Kusalkar